Mohakhaly Flyover

Mohakhali flyover
Mohakhali Flyover
Shihab was having a very good time with his uncle Mr Hafizuddin. He took him around to see different places of the city. One day Mr Hafizuddin came home early from his office. He said to Shihab, ‘Today, I'll take you to see the Mohakhali flyover. On his way to Mohakhali, Shihab was thinking what a flyover could be. He thought it is a place from where people can fly. They got down from the bus at a bus stop. Shihab noticed a road high over their head. He asked, "Uncle, why have they built a bridge over a road? Where is the flyover? I want to fly from there.’ Mr Hafizuddin smiled. ‘This is not a bridge, Shihab, this is a flyover.’ ‘Oh! The flyover.’ He was amazed to see it. A flyover is a road. It is built on pillars over another road. Shihab turned to his uncle and asked, ‘Do we have flyovers in other cities?’ ‘No,’ said his uncle, ‘Only the very big and busy cities have flyovers. You know, there are too many buses, trucks and cars now in Dhaka city. During office and school time, there is a long queue of traffic causing traffic jam. Now people can go through the flyover. They now can save time. There is another flyover at Khilgaon’. Shihab stood on the sidewalk and looked down. He saw cars and buses running under the flyover. He did not know there could be roads one above the other. He wanted to know many things about the flyover. This is what his uncle told him: The flyover is 1.8 kilometres/1800 metres long; its width is 14.63 metres excluding the sidewalks. The flyover is built on 51 pillars. Four cars can ply on the flyover at a time. The centre of the flyover is 7 metres high from the ground. A Chinese company has constructed it. About 136 crore taka was spent to build the flyover.
1.       How was Shihab spending his time?
2.       Why did Mr. Hafizuddin come home early?
3.       Where is Mohakhaly Flyover?
4.       What did Shihab think about Mohakhaly Flyover?
5.       How did they go to Mohakhaly Flyover?
6.       What is flyover?
7.       Why did Mr. Hafizuddin smile?
8.       Why did Shihab amaze?
9.       What happened during school time?
10.    Where is the other flyover?
11.    How many foots does the flyover is?
12.    Who took a contract to build it?
13.    Write a paragraph about Mohakhaly Flyover?

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